Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Weekly Writing Resources

Wednesday's an odd day--half way in to the week and half way to go to the weekend. If you land yourself in the midweek doldrums, take time out for a quick visit to a few of the writing sites around and experiment with  new software to automate the more repetitive tasks you do. Find something to take the effort out of your writing/publishing ventures.

With all the November writing challenges almost here, anything that makes the writing life easier is useful.

This week I have downloaded three new-to-me programs to evaluate for ease of use and usefulness. Open Office, the free word processing system, has for some reason never worked too well on my computer so I have downloaded Libre Office. I am told this is more compatible with Word and can handle things like Track Changes which is a vital aid for both writer and editor when edits time arrives.

sceen shot Tree Sheets on Mac

Next I chose Tree Sheets , recommended for note taking, mind mapping and arranging thoughts. It may prove to be a bit of a steep learning hillock but comes with its own tutorial. I'll let you know.

And my third download is Sigil, an epub editor.

All three were recommended in Techradar's top ten best free software for writers. I shall try them out and post my reviews next week. Often I'm quicker just using the same old...same old...

What is your favorite writing software? What wouldn't you be without? Let me know your choices in the comments below.


ps: think I've solved the riddle of the missing comment boxes. If I click on the Slow and Steady heading link along the top of my blog, all the menu links and comment boxes miraculously appear. Yay!

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