Monday, 27 April 2015

Writers On The Move: Creative Marketing

Apologies for the sad neglect of Slow and Steady Writers over the past months.  My writing has speeded up a bit since I stopped agonizing over every word.

How did I do it? The A to Z challenge, a post every day except Sundays for the whole month of April, starting with A then each one starting with the next letter in the alphabet.

Some authors manage to cover different topics on as many as four  blogs. Took me to manage one and I'm not there yet, W, X, Y and Z still to go.

Have a look the alphabet posts at my new author support site. The links to the Challenge and participants are there. It is my own support blog as a new author, where I log everything to be done as I market my novella. If you're a new or even not-so-new author, I'd love you to share your trials and tribulations there, too.

Today's question: I see lots of books for sale by other vendors on Amazon at vastly differing prices. If your book is not sold by Amazon but by an Amazon Marketplace vendor, what happens to royalties?

A summary of thoughts on Creative Marketing from my post at Writers on the Move:

Writers On The Move: Creative Marketing: Visiting a few of the millions of blogs online this month has confirmed my belief that marketing, as once we knew it, has changed. Banging t...