Saturday, 26 October 2013

Create a Challenge

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Writers seem to thrive on challenges--a specific word count per day, a set time in which to write a book or e-book. Who's signed up for NanoWriMo for November? Yep, a real challenge. A Novel in a Month--madness!
But more and more novelists are writing and publishing because of it.

This year I'm following Tara Lazar's PiBoIdMo--aiming to create a picture book idea a day for 30 days. The challenge works on the honor system and there are lots of, are you beginning to get the picture?

A good motivational idea, daily support from guest bloggers with a track record in achievement, or just your own diary of successes and failures, and the feel good factor at the end of the month.

Both Chris Baty and Nano and Tara Lazar started with very few followers...and look at them now. They have built strong self-supportive communities of creative writers and artists working together, networking for success.

Find more writing contests for November here

Search out challenges, see what makes them successful and start your own. Just not in November, please.

And be sure to share all the challenges you create in the comments here as well as on your social networking sites.


  1. I love these challenges. This year I'm going to be doing NaNoWriMo, NonFiWriMo, and PiBoIdMo (yes I know, I must be crazy!). They're a great way to get ideas down on paper. Even if you don't meet the goal set, you'll be a lot closer to finishing than you were at the beginning of the month ;)

  2. NonFiWriMo is exactly what I'm looking for right now...thanks for the heads up. Off to investigate. NanoWriMo is, for me, a killer. Too much to take in, too much to do. Perhaps if I were better organized... Just don't know how you fit in everything, Jo


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