Monday, 3 September 2012

from Writers on the Move

Being a Writer - Learn the Craft of Writing

Thiis is the title of Karen Cioffi 's article providing another justification if another were needed for taking time over one's writing in order to perfect the craft.

Posting it here because it makes some interesting points and comparisons.

And also because it's about time I caught up with my sadly neglected blog. I'm good at slow,  just not so good at the steady. :-(

Not so good at sitting down either at the moment after crash landing off the new horse. The worst of it was he was standing still at the time!

Yet another anecdote for my proposed Kindle book of horse tales...

Writers On The Move: Being a Writer - Learn the Craft of Writing: Being a Writer - Learn the Craft of Writing In the June 2010 issue of The Writer, author Jane Yolen discussed the need to learn the cra...

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