Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Motivation Monday

 Motivate your Writing

And just to prove the point that I am a slow writer, yes, I know it's Tuesday.

I've spent the week drifting round the Internet, distracted by all the amazing goodies on offer and trying to sift the useful from the fun-but-I-love-it temptations.

My worthy e-book writing challenge has slipped a place in the right hand column, displaced by a writer's graph which I found on Jo Linsdell's truly useful Writers and Authors site. So no more excuses for writer's block. And if you hate the instant prompt on offer, just click to refresh the page and a new prompt appears.

Scroll down my right hand column to find the writing contest list. I have chosen to download the plain graph but the site also lets you download code for the neat box with rolling content that you can see in action on Jo's pages.

Which do you prefer? Let me know. Being a slow mover, I decided to have my contest links staying still rather than have to wait for an entry I've missed to re-appear. Again I have not yet checked any of these out but shall let you know when I have.

Better--or worse on the distraction scale-- Once Written have some wonderful free resources which I am absolutely, positively not going to check out until I have completed today's to do list.

Create Your Own Header

I have not yet discovered the catch to this one. Not only does X-header have a free version, it comes with 500 graphics for you to use to create your own blog or website headers and illustrations.

In addition you have email support and advice to help you make the most of the software. The download link here is direct from the company. Be careful to choose a reputable site if you intend to download it anywhere else.  I love playing around with art work as a  treat when I want to leave my mind free to make its own creative connections. 

Plan With Planners

Nothing like making lists and drawing up plans to keep motivation high. My best writing counts have been achieved by awarding myself a jolly sticker to paste on a planner on the days I managed to achieve a writing goal.

A red star for could do better, a gold star for 500 words, and then I branched out into more adventurous stickers and a good writing month was ablaze with colorful birds and butterflies.

Yes, of course we can create our own planners but it is so much more satisfying to have a real one. Have a look at the planners of the month  from Productive Flourishing--another truly motivational site.

I'm off to download  the Productivity Jumpstart, the Freelancer Workweek and the Blog Planner calendar....

Remember the e-book challenge

...sighs. Got to do my tasks before tomorrow. Hope everyone is ready for this?  Writing an e-book in six weeks, remember, LOL


  1. Sorry for distracting you from your writing Anne but I'm glad you like my site. Thanks for the mention ;)

    I like the idea of the writing planner. Might have to try that one myself.

  2. Hi Jo,
    This is sadly one of those days when everything distracts me from writing and editing. Spent the rest of the morning fighting to log in to my website after updating my Word Press installation.
    I must stop writing my passwords on odd pages in my diary LOL
    Was visiting you looking for details of Promo Day 2012--how's that for forward planning?

  3. I Love your Motivation Monday Annie. This will prove to be a permanent Internet distraction for me. Thanks a Lot!! :)Do you have a 'follow' button?

    Write an ebook in 6 weeks? Well I would, definitely, if I wasn't so ready to meet the challenge to do it in six days. (Top right) Plus I can't stop clicking on the Instant Writing Prompts. (Upper Top Right) So many wonderful ideas... Now if only I had time to plan a planner, I might be able to enter a writing contest.

    That's what I'll do, but first, to save time, I'll just pop over to Once Written for some free resources. Thank you so much for giving me clear direction!

    Did you mention something about making banners? I love playing with promotional art work. :) Probably best to do that first, before the ebook is ready. Then I can add it to my contest entry and impress the judges.

    Great motivation. Off for a quick cup of coffee, a hot scone perhaps, with jam and cream and then...oh, slight distraction: it's Valentine's Day.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours, Annie.

  4. Hi Wendy

    So delighted to see you filling up your time so productively. Just in case you are spending toooo long looking for the banner-making link, here it is again--watch it does not break up, it's so long.


    Here's the tinyurl version:


    Try both, it takes twice as long..

    Disappointed you did not not scroll down far enough to find my follow button under the MuseItUp Publishing banner LOL--you could have spent even longer in distractions...hehehe

    Thanks for the Valentine wishes--had to send himself out late at night for chocolate...Hope you had a lovely day too.

  5. Thanks for the direction -- found the follow button. Hey that 6 day challenge is truly a good idea. I have completed Day 1. Honestly. Just one question. Must the days be consecutive? If not, I think I'll do day 7 next. :) Then I'll try both urls for the banners. Thank you :)

  6. Hi Wendy--Thanks for the follow.
    No, not necessarily consecutive, I think. Perhaps interweave several attempts at Day Seven throughout the six days--weeks--months--years, whatever.
    I've had five tries at Day 7 already this week and still need more practice.
    Do you want me to email you the Angela Booth version as well? She suggests Day One at the end. You could persuade yourself you were finished. :-)

  7. Since Day 7 works well for you too, I'll stick with the 6 Day method.I think the Angela Booth version might confuse me, now I am so clear-headed. Today I have a 'do not disturb' on my door. How long will it take to get through Day 2-4? And what happens on day 3? Does this mean I'll have to organize my time or my chapters?

    btw. I read your Write a Book in Six Weeks. Very helpful, but not so much for me. I'll stick with the 6 Day method. I need a deadline. :)

  8. LOL... and if you weren't distracted by reading blogs and responding.. you might even complete your current WIP. Don't worry about starting another project Wendy!! I still waiting to read your unfinished Fantasy... So.. six days... I expect to have something to read very soon.
    Thanks Annie... What great ideas. Motivation and Planning... If I read this, and take time to make the Planner is that motivation or an excuse for procastination?
    Wendy, how are the scones and jam.. I am ready for a cuppa right about now.
    A banner link.. SWEET.. love playing with artwork...
    Day 1.. just came and went...reading all the info and following links I found from this blog. LOL.

  9. What? Unfinished Fantasy? Rosalie you have let one large cat out of the bag there. I am expecting a cozy mystery...maybe that's the mystery--I'm getting a Fantasy instead!
    Motivation, motivation Rosalie--we don't ever admit to procrastination here. Lovely to see you and so many thanks for visiting.

  10. Oops.. Sorry Wendy.. now you have to finish the mystery AND the fantasy.. Six days each..one of rest.. so, in a fortnight, right?

    Great to find inspiration in your blog Annie!

    I will return to my procast.. motivation. Yeah.. need more coffee and motivation. :)

  11. Hi Annie,
    Day 2 has passed and nothing happened. I wonder if it got confused with Day 3 which seems to be a non-event since it wasn't mentioned. Could it be the international time difference? That could be the problem.

    Your mouth must be feeling quite dry since you put your foot in it and let the cat out of the bag. :) No harm done. It isn't my real fantasy but my short story you mentioned so that was just a little slip.

    I hope you two are sorting out these days better than I am. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

    Happy reading!


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