Thursday, 7 March 2013

Read an E-Book Week

Read an E-Book
E-Book Week
E-Books are here to stay--or are they? Remember cassette tapes? Remember videos? Are you still using CDs? With technology fast forwarding at dizzying speeds, predictions that e-book readers may soon be superseded are appearing on techy websites.

But, as always, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Nineteenth century French editor Alphonse Karr said it first --Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose. 

Even vinyl is making a come back. The young read and write more than ever using the latest devices and social media sites. And those of us who are older are finding it so much easier to change up to larger fonts to read e-books rather than lugging around a heavy large print edition, if we could even find one.

Read an E-Book Week (3rd to 9th March), supported by authors and publishers, celebrates and promotes e-books all over the world.

The home page not only offers free e-books, competitions to win e-readers and gives you an option to recycle old Kindles, it links to articles on the future of e-books and e-book trends

Today's contest (March 7) is for a Nook Simple Touch Reader from Barnes & Noble. It's based on a simple question about an interface which will allow e-book readers to "page" through an e-book just like a paper book. lol. Plus ca change.....

read an ebook now

E-Book Recommendations

My e-book library started off gleaned from Project Gutenberg, then SmashWords and now is increased most weekends by selections from the Top Hundred Free books in the Kindle Store.

I also have some firm favorites from content editing at MuseItUp Publishing where Read an E-book Week extends from March 10-16. Indie publishers have opened up the world of books allowing some very talented authors a chance to make a name for themselves. 

What have been your favorite reads this week? Drop a recommendation in the comment box below. More books are sold through recommendations than massively expensive publicity.

Recommend a book or books. If we all help an author find another keen reader, we help keep good books on our shelf (or e-reader lol)

Why haven't I recommended a favorite author? I started listing best books and the list just went on and on and on.... :-)

So over to you...

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