Monday, 30 April 2012

Social Networking Infographic

I love infographics for their bright and breezy way of presenting information in a highly condensed form. Long lists of statistics bore--or should that read baffle?--me. But this Mashable infographic on Social Networking caught my attention.

Drawing on various sources, it attempts to pinpoint which social network would be best to use for getting your particular message across.

Interestingly some of the comments highlight the idea that real social networking with family, friends, work colleagues and businesses in your own home area might just produce as good, if not better, results.

Here is the link again:

What do you think?

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  1. I had a look at that site. Those numbers are mind boggling. I wonder how many of them, on say LinkedIn, actually sold their product. There is so much competition, All I see from LinkedIn, FB and Twitter, are people pushing their own or their friends agendas. Me included. Whereas you, Annie, offer free advice and helpful information, to improve the lot for writers.

    You are the one, and those unselfish posters like you, who should automatically generate the most traffic - in an ideal world. And I thought cyber space was more ideal than the other reality. :)


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