Monday, 12 March 2012

Motivation Monday

Time-Saving Tip
Organize  email. All email providers allow you
to save and categorize your posts into named
folders or files. I spent ten minutes last week
battling my emails into a vague format
reminiscent of David Allen's Getting Things Done system.

Check out his free downloads.

Sometimes taking the time to stop and study
does save hours in the day later. I'd reached
over 2600 unread emails on one account alone
and was in despair.

I haven't got the mailbox down to zero but I
have sorted out March. I made folders entitled
@action--do it now or soon, @blog for posts
that would be useful to future blog posts,
@edit for work, @project for writing,
@research, and @reference for things I may look
into when I have time. I'm an optimist.

The @ sign means they head my folder list. The
system also means I delete anything that is of
no imminent use. If anything is important, it
will turn up again or I can always track it
down on the internet. Of course, and this was a
tip from the Kaizen Plan, if you make the first
folder @aawriter, it will be top of the pile,
reminding you of what you are supposed to be
doing with your time.

Distractions and Diversions
Looking for motivation to do nothing? Or even
motivation to stop doing nothing? Then the
Speculative Salon post on 1001 sites to distract writers is a gold mine. Never fear, there aren't 1001 sites but the ones it
lists are fascinating and mainly helpful.
It even contains two to stop you suffering from
internet distraction.

But before you give up internet pleasures for
the day, perhaps take a look at Margaret McGaffey
Fisk's list of writing tools. The various
tracking spreadsheets there might boost the
writing and the word count. 

Better still  remember to visit her blog on a Friday
for the five interesting links. Call it
research, or finding inspiration or even just

Motivation Through Opportunity 

Apply for a scholarship to the UCLA extension writers' program. Sadly this one is only for US citizens.
Successful students will be able to study on
site or online.

Check out the writing contests on the sidebar.
Aim for one. And polish up an article, a short
story or your novel ready for submission next

My e-Book Progress
So slow this week but I should have another of
the dozen projected chapters finished by
Monday. Spent too much time setting up a new
website for my creative husband. 

Achievement note: the creation of a customized header for
his Word Press blog. Now that was motivation
and distraction in one.


  1. Oh what a great set of tools, Annie, and who doesn't want to be more productive. David Allen's site is great - just got his whole set of articles, and I loved those spreadsheets too (the POV tracker is especially great - I had my own spreadsheet for this but Holly's is so much better). The only problem is that there's so much fun stuff here that I could spend all day on it and not do any writing!

  2. I'm saving your post. Great tips. You provide us with quite a thorough and essentila library, Annie. Thank you!

  3. Thanks Maggie and Wendy. So pleased you found some of this useful. I was delighted by the David Allen site too. Motivation Monday is a bit naughty of me. When I'm procrastinating, it's good to know I'm in great company.

  4. Great tips Annie. Helping my husband on his projects, also distracts me from my work. I always have to work to keep balance.

    1. As you can see Mary Jo, I've toppled off the balance bar already this week. Tuesday and still no new motivation post...woe. Husbands are indeed a great distraction lol.


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