Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A - Z Challenge for April

A to Z  April Blogging Challenge banner with bird
 Life is full of challenges without adding any voluntarily. But the A - Z Challenge for April seemed such fun, and such a good writing discipline, that I have signed up with my Happy Editing blog. I'm number 1193 on the list so you can see what a popular idea this is.

Starting April 1 with A, but with Sundays off after that, bloggers post an article each day carrying on with topics in alphabetical order until they reach the final post for Z.

We must also try to visit and comment on five blogs from the list each day. As with the MotherReader blogging challenge, I'm hoping to make new friends and expand my reading interests.

Social worker Doris Plaster used the fifty word blog posts she created for last year's challenge to produce her book, rated with five stars on Amazon,  Home Sweet Nursing Home.

Six days left for signing up and planning alphabetically organized topics. I'm a sucker for blog badges and there are badges and banners galore to suit any site. If you're interested, come join  at

Social Media Icon Sets

Ring the changes with a choice of 33 icon sets to use as social media buttons for your website or blog. These come from Web Design Booth but I found more social media buttons at Buttons Hut

Copy the code to enable their use or let Button Hut link them for you. I'm not sure about how much sharing of info has to be done to enable this but always take care as in the past, much social media hacking has supposedly taken place through button links.


Bit hypocritical of me to share them really but they are pretty and could give you ideas for designing your own . easily done even using a free program like Paint which can usually be found under Accessories on the Start menu.


Keyboard problems

Giving up for the moment as my keyboard won't punctuate using any uppercase symbols and getting it to produce capital letters is highly problematic. Overworked and doesn't mind going on strike lol.  

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