Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Writing the e-book: Week One

Week One: E-Book Writing 
Find the original post here at Write a Book in Six Weeks.
Ruth Barringham's book is available for download by clicking the link in the blog's right hand column.
I said I'd do this too. I shall but I had no idea of how difficult it would be. Think I need another week...

The  statement of intent:
Why do I want to do this?
This was difficult and I'm not sure I even have it right yet. Perhaps my author readers will leave me some hints as to why they write their books in the comments.
None of Ruth's suggestions were a great fit. In the end I went back to a childhood memory of walking into a lamppost while telling myself a happy-ever-after fairy story. I explained I was not mad. I was going to be a writer. Hmmm
I want to prove the child was right. I want to do it for meI'm not sure this is strong enough.
I want it to reach out, to help others. But will a book I need to write be anything anyone else needs to read...?

Plan and plot the book.
This reminds me of Mark Twain on giving up smoking. "Easy, I've done it hundreds of times." I thought I knew what I intended to write but having drawn up my list of possibles, I am on the verge of changing my mind.
The plotted book was to be one of a series of small books on editing problems. I may well still carry on with this as it's started and planned but it's not now the idea that makes my heart sing.

Sales Pitch or Book blurb

A great way to focus your writing is to do this first rather than last. You can always tweak it later. Lots of good advice in the book.
What is your book's unique selling point?
Have I a USP?--no, better find one hehe.
What makes it different? Fast look up version of problematic editing points.
What will it do for your reader? Save time.
Fact or fiction,  a book must meet the needs of the reader. 

Week Two
Start writing. Divide your plan into three weeks of writing -- or thirty if you don't have much time available. Just do it and stick to it. I've fallen behind already but hope to have more news, clues and motivation on hand next Wednesday.

Let me know how you're getting on below, please.


  1. Obviously everyone doing as well as me, then...

  2. Watch out for Wendy Laharnar--racing to complete in six days. Good luck Wendy. We're cheering for you.

  3. Annie, I'm going to send you my ebook on Writing an eBook. It's has some good info in it that should help you along. Being an editor, you have tons of information that writers will want - it's just a matter of organizing it into an ebook format, creating a keyword effective title, creating a cover, and getting it up on your site and on Kindle.

    Karen Cioffi Writing and Marketing

  4. So many thanks, Karen. You must have guessed I was flagging already. It all sounds so possible when you put it like that...sighs. I am greatly looking forward to reading your How to Create an Ebook. No excuses left not to do this. LOL


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