Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Motivation and Meditation

Motivation and Flipping Books

Slipped down another day and it's Wednesday. This is a great motivational day. Half way through the week and probably a better day for a breather.

If you have a book out already or need motivation to finish one you are planning, have a look at BookBuzzr You can publish a free page turning promo for your book here and at the minute sign up for a free 30 day trial of the pro version.

I love all these animated books and magaazines.

Here is my first experiment with Calameo. Again this has a no cost version. Sadly I had no time to do more or this post--like my e-book--will never be written. As practice,  I uploaded a powerpoint ITQ project I had available from 2011 on Edinburgh Fog 

Click on the right hand corner of pages to turn.  This is a brochure but you can publish in many formats including book, album, report.

The photos of Edinburgh used in the brochure are © 2003 and found at Edinburgh-Scotland, a wonderful non profit-making site with loads of downloadable photos.

I have embedded the mini brochure in my right hand column but need to do a bit more work on it.  The content upload to Calameo was easy and I think the result is most effective.

Sharing links let you upload your work to social networking sites. I uploaded to Facebook successfully but the flipping book would not stop flipping...

How to Attract Readers

Two new ideas here:

Laurence O' Bryan's new book The Istanbul Puzzle has already attracted a strong fan base through his interactive pages on his website. I started following him on Twitter when he asked for advice on the background to his blog.

He has continued to ask questions and ask for help solving mysteries, finding clues and built up a strong social networking fan base before the book was even released.

He now has a Pinterest board with the series of clues. You don't need to buy the book to try to solve the puzzle but I bet most of us do.

Sci-fi author Krista D Ball runs an author clinic.  But for her latest novel in progress, Collaborator, she is also involving her blog readers to comment on the WIP and to contribute donations which lead to their names being immortalized in the book.

The dialogue-based blog and social network formula seems to be one way forward.

Writing the e-book Week Two

No, I have not forgotten but have decided to do the forbidden option--research a new topic. Guess what it is?  And yes, I'll be asking for help. Details next week.

How's everyone getting on? Still thinking?

Coming Soon...

I'm thrilled to announce that Magdalena Ball is my guest author on Monday March 5 so the Monday post will be up on time. She is visiting on the blog tour for her latest novel Black Cow. And her topic--On The Value of Slow Writing.

And on March 12 at 7 p.m.EST, she is giving a free webinar for Writers on The Move on Designing Customized Facebook Fan Pages. Check out the link and sign up.

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