Wednesday, 4 January 2012


New Year 2012 and coming to terms with the fact that I shall never set the world or even the New York Times Booklist alight with my novels. But they have taught me one thing: how to edit better year by year.

Working with Muse It Up Publishing, one of the success stories of e-book publishing 2011, I have learned about genres I might never have considered adding to my own booklist before. My authors are from the world of romance, romantic suspense, cozy mystery, urban fantasy, sci fi, YA, MG and cross-genres.

I am nominated again in the Preditor and Editor's Poll (vote for me please before January 10 LOL) and currently bursting with pride at sitting just behind some of the best editors in the business.

Many of my books edited and published throughout 2011 have also been gaining five star reviews and at the time of writing are topping the polls in their own categories. So the New Year is starting on a real high.

Others I know will top the lists next year.

Must Do Better

This is the bit I log and never look at till the beginning of the next New Year but falling behind in:

Blog: I do this far too irregularly and without focus

Websites: I have two to complete and one to do for someone else. Spent last month learning to set up a Joomla site. Just love the possibilities but need to finish off the content before going live.

Marketing: Yes, editors need to market too, both to promote the books on their list and to find new authors. ...still looking for my Hemingway.


This is always a highlight of the New Year for me--an editing bonanza where professional editors mentor a team of authors working to polish their books to publication standard. Last year's authors are already boasting an impressive list of publication acceptances and many are back completing the next book in their series.

There's still time to join up as we've only just started. If you want to finish that problem book, this is your chance. Or put it on the Christmas present wishlist for next year :-)

At MuseItUp we don't in the main handle literary fiction so this is my chance to work with others in that field as well as those writing more commercial genres.

Coming Soon. . .

Join me Friday when I host guest writer and editor Karen Cioffi with an article on writing for article directories--a great way to get your name out there--and some very special offers. Click her link to find out about the free workshop.


  1. I had no idea there was an Editpalooza. Sounds like hard work but good fun. Enjoy! (And good luck with your blogging.)

  2. Thanks Anne. And I'm looking forward to adding Ebenezer's Locker to the 2012 booklist too. :-)


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