Sunday, 10 July 2011

Some Figures of Speech

Figures of Speech

As promised in my Muse It Up Publishing blog entry during the free June blog festival, I have started to collect together definitiong and examples of figures of speech which can enliven your writing.

Figures of speech are patterns we use every day colloquially but often do not realize that they can be defined by a technical term.

This first set covers well known examples from Alliteration to Euphemism and I am presenting them as a Powerpoint presentation.

Trying to embed this in Blogger is a first for me so fingers crossed it works. If it does work, I shall write a second post tomorrow letting you know of all my efforts trying (and failing) to do this again and again and again. Robert the Bruce has nothing on me when it comes to persistence with the battle against computer tech.

Touch wood --here is the long-awaited presentation on Figures of Speech A-E.

If you click on the box to the right of the slide numbers, you can open the presentation in a new screen and slow it down by clicking on each slide so that it moves at your pace until I manage to slow down the automatic one LOL.

I'd love to see your take on some of these. Please leave me an example or two of your favourite figures of speech which I'll use with acknowledgments in the next set of slides. Hopefully it won't take me two days to figure it out next time. :-)

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