Friday, 27 May 2011

Resources for Steady Writers

Resources to Motivate

Websites and Blogs

 Whenever life overtakes us or inspiration dries up, it is always handy to access little treats and outside motivation. Choose a cyber writing circle or a real life one in your region. But don't throw all your eggs into the basket or you may find they smash. Go cautiously to get the feel of the group. Are there writers working in your genre? 

No use choosing a highbrow literary circle whose authors have neither patience nor understanding to encourage a wannabe romance author. No use joining a website where sci-fi buffs spend their time discussing light years and g-forces when you want to know about police procedure in Alaska.

Some webcircles, like some writers' groups chat too much, others are hypercritical. Some websites over-promote their webwares without giving much helful advice in return. Shop around for one to motivate you. Let me know about your favourites and we'll list them here to help others.


My  favourite Friday blog is C J Lyons' Marketing with Heart. She's wonderfully generous with her advice and help (look up the Mentoring Mondays) and the Friday freestuff always flags up something to make you smile and think. A great writer and a great lady.

Another author very generous with time, help and advice is Candy Havens. She is running a high powered writing workshop starting this weekend but also has incredible useful and thorough free writing workshops hosted by herself and guest authors throughout the year.

I'm a fan of Savvy Authors who have groups to cater for all genres and all writers from newbies to best sellers. Without their bootcamps, I'd probably get nothing at all written during the year. Even although I only managed half of this May's bootcamp, I still have 12,000 more words and some great ideas for novel two in my proposed series.

You get the chance here to pitch to publishers and more advice than you will ever be able to absorb. Good stuff.

And of course, there's everything that comes out of the Muse Online Writers' Conference. Remember to register in time for the 2011 free online conference. Invaluable for meeting like-minded writers, editors and publishers and attending workshops and live chats. 

Books and e-books

 This week  I downloaded Marg McAlister's Self Editing for Writers mini course while signing up on her new Writing4Success tipsheet link. The tipsheets are a source of intelligent recommendations on technical aspects of fiction writing and you can access them in her archives too.

 On the Evan Marshall site Write a Novel Fast    I found ten tips for writing  and publishing a romance novel and also under the Writing Resouces tab a free writing fiction ebook (My thanks to Cheryl Wright of Writer2Writer for the heads up on that one.)                                                      

 Writer2Writer   is a compendium of resources which finishes consistently in the Top Ten of Preditor and Editor's polls.

 Over To You

 So many websites, so little time. I have barely touched on the sites which have been so useful for me in the past. As the web grows exponentially year by year, catching up with everything useful becomes impossible. It's been a long time since the era when a Renaissance man could perhaps know everything.

I'd love to hear from you with your favourite and most useful writing resources and sites.

PS  How did I manage to forget Scrivener? How did I ever live without it LOL


  1. Some good tips here, Annie. Will check them out when time allows. One of my favorites is The Bookshelf Muse,

  2. Wanted to mention the Yahoo group "Marketing for Romance Writers" run by Kayelle Allen:

    Lots of good advice and networking, and zero promo! They put together a monthly newsletter too.

  3. Just visited your link Pat and it's a wonderful resource. An amplified set of thesaurus entries. Think I'll find it indispensable.
    I've grabbed the button code to post on the blog. Now to work out what to do with it LOL

  4. Thankyou Lisabet for the link and positive review. So useful. I for one shall be joining soon.

  5. Caught your post in the Muse Conf group.

    I agree 100 percent - too many sites, too little time. I'll be checking out the links you gave.

    Another one, for children's writers, is It's by Mary Kole, an agent with the Andrea Brown agency. She gives great writing advice. She deals with MG and YA so much of her tips are good for writing in general.

    Thanks, for the information!

    Karen Cioffi Writing and Marketing

  6. Thanks Karen for and let's not forget your writing and marketing website too. Two free gifts for just dropping by is a very tempting offer.
    Find Karen at


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