Friday, 23 April 2010

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon by Krista D Ball is out in October, 2010 and available from Muse It Up Publishing. The cover design by DK Renders is, for me, as magical as the story.

My love of native American culture started as a child reading about Hiawatha, Pocahontas and John Smith, and continued through Tony Hillerman's wonderful detective series.

Jim Thunder, who inspired Krista to write this, was himself renowned for his story telling. He made headlines twenty-one years ago when, as the result of a dream, he ran 4400 kilometres through ice and snow to New York in a bid to retrieve the Cree tribe's sacred bundle.

Krista's novella is based on traditions of the Canadian First Nations.

It's not yet time for the Harvest Moon but I have been doing a bit of spring harvesting of my own.

At this time of year, my garden is frantically growing nettles so I decided to try my hand at making nettle tea and graduated into experimenting with nettle soup.

I like to think that in this way I am, like the original members of the Canadian First Nations, returning to the land the respect which it is due.

On her blog, learn more about  Jim Thunder and read Krista's moving tribute to the man to whom this book is dedicated.

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  1. Hi Annie,

    Wonderful post :) You're right - the cover is wonderful.



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