Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Content Editor -- The Ideal Job for a Writer?

Language learners need to listen before they can talk well. Writers need to read. My new job as content editor for Muse It Up Publishing--and I can hardly believe my luck in being chosen for it -- means not only can I read for days on end, I can even call it work :-)

As a subeditor on various British newspapers, I am an experienced copy editor, checking for punctuation, spelling and grammar mistakes. It's a bit like teaching -- if I see too many repetitive mistakes, I start to doubt my own accuracy. And if you're thinking of editing, remember that nowadays we have to move confidently between US English, Canadian English and the standard UK spelling and grammar.

For more information on the various forms of editing, try Hadley Raydeen's excellent article on the editing jobs in publishing,

A content editor wields a broader brush.

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