Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Writing the e-Book--Week Three

My statement of intent written and posted, I planned and divided the proposed e-book into ten chapters and aimed for fifty pages. As always, the original idea lost its appeal and I had not the speck of an idea in mind to replace it. 

The relief was incredible. No need to stress out over one more impossible project.  And then came:
  • emails from friends wondering how I was getting on
  • the joyful discovery of how to make little flip books free
  • the grand idea
 Grand ideas, as we all know, are always other people's. ( Our own come overnight and vanish on waking.) And my grand idea was certainly triggered by someone else's thoughts.

Motivation through Blogs
I doubt if much else is as motivating as reading random blogs. Cross fertilization of ideas, irritation at ill-conceived assumptions, the emotional tug of other writing all demand a response.

Before I knew it, a comment I had made on a writing blog suddenly filled my mind with possibilities for expansion and eureka, my book sprang into mind.

Motivated through blogging, the book will appear through blogging, a section or so per week, till all is done. Yay!

If you are a self-critical writer, never happy till you have achieved perfection, create for yourself a secret blog until you are ready to reveal your work to the world or simply to your friends. But regular blogging will force you into the habit of working regularly and keep the writing muscles exercised.

Motivation through Technology

I am still enchanted by the flip books and have been looking into several more providers including

And if you're looking for further motivation, check out How to Get Your Manuscript Finished The author is Rowdy Rhodes of Freelance Writing Organization International

Note for gadget lovers:: Rowdy is offering the instant writing resources toolbar as a free download AND as an incentive writers can use for themselves as a free giveaway to their own blog subscribers.

The instant access help desk is a great idea too. 

Motivation through Accountability

Tell everyone you know--and everyone you don't know--that you're writing a book and then it has to happen.
It's Read an Ebook Week from March 4-10 (or all next month in Canada), Grab some of the lovely banners to promote it on your site, if you have one.
And make it a goal to have at least one ebook of your own ready for this event next year.

Ebook gift

Just in, in case you'd rather read than write : The Tulip Kiss by Elysabeth Eldering, free today and tomorrow at Amazon.
It's also on Amazon UK--don't know about the others.
Remember, by downloading and liking, you are helping ebook authors in the rankings. If you have time to write a good review, even better.

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